Hydroponic Nutrient Calculator

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All inputs in ppm for final solution. This is equivalent to milligrams per liter of final solution, or grams per ten liters of concentrate assuming 1:100 dilution.

Goal seek will adjust concentration of ingredients with box ticked, while leaving all other ingredient concentrations constant. Goal seek is by least squares with equal weight on all elements, and is unlikely to be optimal considering plant physiology; use it as a starting point, for review and adjustment by hand.

Ingredient element breakdowns are from manufacturer datasheets where possible. For individual fertilizer salts, this may differ from theory due to impurities and water of hydration. UFL nutrient profile goals are from HS796 by George J. Hochmuth and Robert C. Hochmuth, as are some ingredients.

Use at your own risk, and double-check calculations before risking plants to them. If you find a bug then please open an issue on GitHub. Take care that some ingredients may be dangerous in concentrated form, especially acids.

This is free software. View source for the license.